Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 30

Why is it, that when it is 9:00 at night and I sit down to dabble I have to choose something that has teeny weeny lines that cause my eyes to go cross eyed?! I should stick with the full faces and lots of sponging. I wanted to try a celtic knot for st. patty's day but had a devil of a time painting it on myself. I'm maiden name is I should be a natural, right?? Hmmmm....not so much. I went to my stroke seminar today and learned that even if the person had the stroke 5 years ago, the brain has the ability to be "trained" in new and better movement patterns....which to me is kinda wild. I was always taught you had about a year to make gains and then, well you were stuck with what you had. Apparently, not so. We watched a video of a woman who was post- stroke who was probably 30 and had 3 kids, the littlest was 18months. I have no clue how this woman dealt. She struggled to flip a playing card over on a table. It was a victory to her when she did it. Her 18month old sat in a stroller beside her at rehab.
Makes me count my blessings. I also counted my blessings that Icould run out at the lunch break, do an hour gig and make $ in a such a fun way. But it's not about making money one bit, is it? It's about enjoying the ride.
kim baker

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  1. KIM!! I love this post!
    I am a nurse...have been for 15 years (really all my life!)
    Anyway---I cant work anymore with my back. I am tired of sewing. I cannt wait to face paint! How long have you been painting! Please email me i am not a stalker I promise!!! lol. p.s. have you ever heard of Donna Dewberry?