Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 23

Hi everyone. I think I will be posting a bunch of skulls since I really need practice on them. Hopefully my December skull will show my efforts when compared to this one. I am starting to get soooo excited for Twist & Shout. I am a bit scared that it is 23hours a day of balloon twisting. I am one of those people that NEEDS my sleep or I get cranky and sick if I get too over-tired, but who wants to miss hanging out in a jam room and shooting the breeze and twisting with the best of the best? These are the guys/gals I have been watching on videos for 2 years. I am guessing I will have to pass on much sleep and just absorb everything around me. After this convention, I have a stroke convention I need to go to for my job. How will be able sit still and pay attention to the ins and outs of cerebral vascular accidents after having just gone to a balloon convention? Daydream, I guess. :)
kim baker

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