Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 19

So I had a gig today where is was so "on", thank goodness, after all of my whining the other day. I did face painting and balloons. I never take pics at a party because I do not feel that it is the time to ask for permission to post. I wish I had one pic today. I just loved it- will try on my daughter tomorrow if she'll let me. It was nice, I got a 30% tip. I have been spoiled by being tipped. I get tipped about 70% of the time and that extra tip makes me feel so tickled, not 'cause I'm greedy, but because it was a compliment. I have to tell you though that of those who do not tip, the vast majority of them are on the wealthy side. I was wondering today why that was- I used to think.....well that's why they have all of that money:) Now I think that those with less money HAVE been tipped and understand how it makes you feel. I have always been a good tipper, but I think I will try to be a tad more generous. It really can make someone's day. It made mine today.
Oh, and a little 3 year old girl dressed in a snow white costume looked at me with these huge eyes and said "I think you are magic".
Now THAT was my best tip ever. :)
kim baker

This is a balloon twister/face painter friend that I painted last summer- she is simply amazing. She can smack me at twist and shout in 2 weeks if she is too shy to enjoy this posting:)

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