Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 15

I thought I would think about the pressures of this industry a bit. I remember starting out and I would be nervous. My hand would shake and I would have a hard time making smooth lines. Once i did a face or 2 and the kids had their big smiles, I would get lost in my face painting world and relax. I would remember that they are kids who are so tickled to have their faces painted and I could do no wrong. I had to realize that kids for the most part, unlike adults, are naturally accepting, honest, easy to please people. They just want to look special and beautiful if they are a girl or scary if they are a boy (90% of the time). They do not judge, they are not critical and i feel that the rare few who are, learned it from their parent, and I feel badly for them. They need that love and acceptance more than ever. So when you hear a child say to you "that's not the color i wanted!!!" or "this is not like the picture!" or "why didn't you make the picture go that way instead?" just breathe.......and rather than be ticked at the kid, look past that child and wonder where this judgement comes from. They are emulating someone else, Lord help them. Let them know their beauty or their coolness. The kids are craaaaving it. That is what you are selling. It is not just artwork and paint to be washed off that night or sweat off that hour, it is a memory. Don't ever underestimate your power to "fill" a child's bucket.
This pic is from a party I did for a good friend. Most of them wanted tropical faces.
I love this job.
kim baker


  1. I love that Kim. That's an amazing way of looking at it! I will forever think of dropping memories in a child's "bucket"...especially my own!

  2. You are so right Kim, we are creating memories -- I really liked this post, you wrote it very well and I agree! Thanks, from JinglesAndTricia.blogspot.com face painting and Facebook.com/JinglesAndTricia :o)

  3. Last summer was the beginning of my face painting journey. I felt the same way - very nervous until I did those first faces. Then it got addicting. ;)
    I love these faces. Very pretty. I just did my first belly painting with the same basic theme. Thanks for sharing!

  4. OKAY I am addicted to your BLOG and every word I read goes into every cell in my body! YOU really are my favorite stranger face painter person. LOL. I wish I lived closer to where you are! I have been reading and watching your work since Sunday! Stuck on you. Your words are so inspiring. ~LS