Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 17

OK, so can I just say that i think it is a bitch to paint myself? I mean painting myself is OK, but i can't seem to do my line work or tear drops when i am straining my eyes to one side. Ugh. I do have a practice head but i don't love how the brush slides with the paint on the head- and they can be a pain to clean....and who loves a pic on a fake head? Not me. Whoa, I sound whiney. Well I painted tonight and had one of those times where i hate what I do. My creativity, lines, and color just no good. So, i don't like these days. I have balloon days like these too. So, i assume you all have these days too where some gigs you are SO "on" and others, not as many, you are "off". I hate those off days. Luckily I am just painting myself today. So I don'f feel like posting my pics but since this is a journey of practice and messing around, I will. I need to bribe my kids more so I can paint them. I even looked disgusted in one of the pics...LOL.
kim baker

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  1. Yes, I definitely have those days where I just can't seem to do a smooth line or a tear drop! We appreciate you sharing the good days and the bad days with us Kim! Thanks, from ~Tricia