Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 20

Superbowl is just about to start and I just squeezed in some painting time. I have now learned (with my husbands suggestion) that I can eaaaasily bribe my kids into getting painted if I trade Wii time- 20 mins. Works great! They were all over it. I was paying them $2 every time I painted them. What happened to the days when they begged me to face paint them? This design is from one of Marcela's books with a few tweaks. I love all of her books. When I paint, I bring them all and let the kids choose any design from them (in addition to my own pics they have to choose from) and I paint them. They really like that they have all of the choices and it truly does not slow my line- I just let them peruse for a while and then they get in line when they're ready. Here's a giraffe I twisted yesterday.
kim baker

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