Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 9

OK, this time I was messing around with a technique I learned from Lucie Brouillard- she sponges her color on and then adds dots and line work. I like how she tear drops over her green in white (which takes on the green color) before lining in black. I need some more practice but it was very fast and felt very free flow which I liked. I usually do flowers and leaves with flat brushes or a chisel, so this was fun. The paint I used was all Paradise.
I am what some would call a tackle tart. I have tried sooooo many products which is great at learning what works best. My craziness comes when I feel that I need to bring it all to parties- because you never know when you might need that one color. :)
I am learning to downsize and splurged on 2 cases of 30 colors for Paradise and DFX. I always thought the color sizes would be too small for my liking, but I am finding otherwise.
Happy Tuesday!
kim baker

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  1. Every day I look forward to checking out your newest creation! This is an interesting approach to flowers and leaves, one I would not have thought of myself. Thank you again for sharing! ~Children's Face Painter Tricia from JinglesAndTricia.blogspot.com