Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 10

It's snowing like mad here in NJ, 3-5 inches. Then we are supposed to get freezing rain this afternoon and then i think 8-10 inches tonight. I can't believe the kids had school today. It cracks me up, normally when it snows, everyone has a tizzy and runs to the grocery store just in case the snow gets so high they cannot open their door I guess. When I lived in Boston, it snowed all the time and everything went on pretty much as normal. I guess the principal is thinking like a true Bostonian this am and crackin' the whip. :)
I did this face paint recently on my son. I copied it from a picture I took while in a class with Lucie Brouillard. She is brilliant- she won 1st in face or body painting in Seeboden in 2010- i forget which. Anyway, I love this design of Lucie's and my son went wild after I painted it. I used Paradise and Kryolan neon orange.
The other 2 pictures:one is from this morning and is my backyard and the other is from 2 weeks ago, I thought I would put it in the blog in honor of this gorgeous snowy day.
kim baker


  1. Your comment about running around is how it is here in So. Fl. when a hurricane seems to approach. Suddenly everyone is in the grocery store buying water and batteries, and if nothing happens, they are back next week returning stuff they didn't need!
    Love the face. Did the neon orange have staying power or did it wash right off?

  2. It stayed on great and washed off easily. :)