Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 6

My gig for this morning cancelled since the poor little guy is throwing up. So instead, I am going to paint and twist balloons while the kids play Wii. Yahoo! I did this one yesterday on my neighbor who is my babysitter. It was soooo fast. I used the new Paradise Prisma cake. I really love these cakes because they are long so when you swipe your brush, you don't end up with ANY wet paint dripping to the edge such as Arty Cakes (which I also like, but hate the size). I am hoping Paradise tries some new color combos soon.
Enjoy you weekend everyone!
kim baker


  1. Love it Kim! As for the split cake issue...I got my first TAG split cake from my secret santa -- it's bigger (Longer) than an Arty and smaller than the prisma -- so you might want to try one out. I LOVE MINE -- and TAG has a ton of color combos -- I see now they'll even custom make them. I know that Mirae Page is a US TAG reseller so you dont have to order from Austrailia. I can get you her contact info if you dont have it from the forums. (the cake I got is UNICORN) and it's FAB....
    I'm LOVING the blog by the way....Jamie

  2. I have the same problem with the Arty cakes, glad it isn't just me!!