Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 3

For xmas this year I asked for a Ed Hardy rip off calendar. It is awesome! I saw it at a hair salon and drooled over it so much that the sweet salon owner offered to keep the ripped off pages and save them for me. Of course, I declined, i didn't want to seem crazy or anything. :)

So I chose a design that the older girls might like for Valentine's Day which is around the corner. I wish painting on myself was easier! I need to bribe my kids now to be painted...



  1. You can go to Google Images and bring up Ed Hardy - I can put my laptop next to me when I paint at home, so it works for me - my problem resident kids to paint :0) Your work looks good, it's not easy to paint yourself!

  2. painting letters backwards is #@)($*WYT@B@ challenging! And you did pretty well... i sick to my arms and legs for those designs.