Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 12

I just did another video tutorial for i had fun with this one. It still needs work but I think the kids will like the design. I used DFX mini splits: marine and sunshine and the rest is DFX as well. I tried for the first time some advice given in a class from Brian Wolfe I think it is. The advice was to take an image and trace it 3x with tracing paper and then go for it. I have to say that not only is it fun, it works. It did not yield perfect results but a result that was waaaaay better then when I looked at a pic and then painted it. Try it!
Oh, and I was asked by the birthday boy today to twist him a balloon cheesburger. LOL! Sorry to say I was not up for the challenge but the boys liked what I twisted for them. :)
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We had another round of snowball fights again today. Got my hubby in the face. I was proud.
kim baker

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  1. This turned out very well Kim -- very colorful and detailed. Boys will love this!