Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 7

When I first started painting, I bought a practice pad to paint on and soon after I discovered that my legs are waaaaaaay more fun to paint on and easier to clean! So here is me doodling yesterday morning while still in my bathrobe. I have gone to bed many a night all "tatted" up. My hubby said it might be a turn on if it wasn't for elmo and sponge bob interspersed with the cool stuff. :)
Roses are so much fun to paint. I used the Paradise Prisma cake which has red, pink, white, lt green, dk green.
kim baker

oh! PS. I had the most out of control meatballs and gravy by a friend of mine last night. She is from South Philly and is Italian. I will post the recipe when i get it- I am telling you, it is out of control!!!


  1. hey-- -who is in South Philly?? As you know it costs me so much to rent a car and come to the jams.. but if there is someone local!?!?! Pm me please.