Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 38

Karen from the www.facepaintshop.com sent me a sampler of TAG paint for our Guild to play with at the april jam- which was very nice of her :)
I compared the colors to DFx and Paradise. I really like the TAG a lot- esp, the berry wine adn teal- neither DFX or Paradise have a teal that is so vibrant and the berry wine is a totally unique color- similar to wild orchid but much prettier and lighter. I am very interested in the pearls colors. If anyone has tried them ,please comment! I would love to know how they are. I was told they are less sheer. The pearl lilac looks beautiful.
kim baker


  1. It's always fun to compare different manufacturers colors.

    ~Showing my fellow bloggers some support.

  2. How do you like TAG's consistency compared to DFX and Paradise?

  3. Thanks Kim! They seemed a bit cheaper in price too. I just might have to try some TAG.

    I've been enjoying your blog! Thanks!