Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 35

This one is so simple, but i do a ton of them on the boys and soccer ball one on the girls. Did a gig last night- balloon twisted at a school event with about 200 kids for 2 hours. Closing the line went well, in that my system worked well BUT i had soooo many kids that still wanted a balloon and the event was over. One boy was crying. It kills me everytime. And yes, I did have that one person at the end whispering, how 'bout just one more for my sick kid at home? I always say no, because that would mean mutiny.
kim baker

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  1. Kim
    this is NO LIE.. I just started looking at face painting online this past SATURDAY. I think I have been stuck on this computer since then. I LOVE IT and I want to paint!!! Anyway, you are my favorite....LOVE how you do your videos in your backyard on some!!! SO natural!!! I love to watch you!!!